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often goes to waste. tonight an all too familiar subject medicare fraud. something that costs all of us billions of dollars a year. it's back in a big way. our report tonight from nbc's mark potter. >> when you opened that bill and you saw that? >> i was shocked. >> reporter: at the palace suites retirement community near miami, martin and gerry were stunned to learn someone used their names to bill medicare for nearly $20,000 for treatments they never got. >> i think it's outrageous to begin with. >> i think it's bad supervision on the part of medicare. >> reporter: in miami, fbi agent brian waterman and health and human services agent julie rivera have spent years chasing medicare fraud. >> file cabinet, printer. >> reporter: and say the problem has skyrocketed. >> it's huge, it's like an epidemic. >> we could arrest hundreds of people every month. but there's a line of people to take their place. >> reporter: medicare theft costs u.s. taxpayers $60 billion a year, a nonstop pilferage covered here 12 years ago. >> tonight "the fleecing of america" and once again it involves medicare f
due to medicare theft. >> how scammers are now making your money a target and what's >> another father of the balloon boy behind bars this afternoon in colorado. richard heene reported to jail to serve a 90-day sentence for ok stating that balloon hoak. heene will serve 90 days in jail. despite pleading guilty to court, he said there was no hoax and he truly believed his son was inside that balloon when it floated away in october. his wife will also serve 20 days when richard heene is released. >>> former basketball star jaysonilliams has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault today in new jersey. the plea comes eight years after the fatal shooting death of a limo driver. he was originally charged with reckless manslaughter but pleaded to a lesser charge. a sentencing date hasn't been set. >> $60 billion of your hard-earned taxpayer money goes down the drain every year. that's the estimated amount lost to fraud and the medicare system. all week long, nbc is looking at the way americans are getting fleeced. lisa myers talks to the hard-working volunteers in this area who are trying to sto
been writing think there is not enough reform in it and they begin with medicare. trying to pay for a lot of this by cutting medicare is not the solution. you've got to rearrange medicare, there was a story in the new york times this past week what happens at ucla where they extend life no matter what the cost is, and it becomes well beyond what is reasonable medically. >> as we get older. >> get older. but for example, at ucla medical center, they spend $92,000 i think is the number on the last two years of a life at portland, oregon north of there they spend $52,000 because they have better controls on medicare. so until you begin to pay for value and performance, then health care reform is not going to work despite all of the pieces. >> here we are at the dawn of a new decade. a lot of talk about the old decade. there was a cartoon that caught my eye that shows uncle sam trying to return the first decade of this century to the returns and exchanges bureau and the lady says i'm sorry, sir, we have rules against returning entire decades. but doris, a lot made about the notion o
$1.4 trillion again this year. this freeze will not include defense, homeland security, medicare, social security, foreign aid programs. that leaves just 17% of a $3.5 trillion budget subject to this spending freeze, which is aimed at saving about $25 billion a year. white house correspondent savannah guthrie h more on all this. savannah, late today they added white house salaries to the freeze, apparently. i heard liberals in washington picking all this apart today. conservatives picking it apart. i heard somebody say it's not aimed at them, it's aimed out in the country. >> reporter: no question about it. in poll after poll, independent voters put this near the top of their list of the priorities. federal spending deficit control, they are worried about it. right in time for the state of the union. the president unveiled this three-year discretionary spending freeze. you put your finger on it. notice what's not on there, defense spending and entitlement spending is the real driver of our deficits. social security, medicare and medicaid. nevertheless, they say this freeze will a
premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen medicare for seniors and stop insurance company abuses, let me know. [ applause ] >> let me know. i'm eager to see it. here's what i ask congress though. don't walk away from reform. not now. not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. [ applause ] >> let's get it done. let's get it done. [ applause ] >> now, even as health care reform would reduce our deficit, it's not enough to dig us out of a massive fiscal hole in which we find ourselves. it's a challenge that makes all others that much harder to solve, and one that's been subject to a lot of political posturing. so let me start the discussion of government spending by setting the record straight. at the beginning of the last decade, the year 2000, america had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. [ applause ] >> by the time i took office, we had a one-year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cu
or entitlements like medicare. the engines of big spending that's driving up complaints. >> what's r let's make the tough choices. every family in america is having do that today and cutting our own budget. >> reporter: protecting should be the middle class. the president said. aiming a set of tax breaks. >> proposals made it's easier for families to get by. students to get ahead. for workers to retire. >> reporter: it came on a day of new poll confirmed americans topped concerns, jobs, the economy. >> about two out of event frooif unemployed workers in this country have been unemployed for over six months. we have never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: can the president convince americans relief is ahead? >> i think people care much more about results, about creation of jobs, about getting a handle of the deficit, rather than they do about the next -- >> the president of the united states. roup to americans, tomorrow night. >> this morning congress' budge i arms comes out with what's expected to be more bad news from rising deficits. even his allies acknowledge the president's spen
won't affect military or security costs or entitlements like medicare, the engine of big spending that's driving up complaints. >> let's make the tough choices. every family in america is having to do that today, and cutting our own budget. >> reporter: protected, too, should be the middle class, the president said, aiming a set of tax breaks at them. >> the proposals that make it a bit easier for families to get by, for students to get ahead, and for workers to retire. >> reporter: it came on the day a new poll confirmed american's top concerns, jobs and the economy. >> about two out of over five unemployed workers in this country have been unemployed for over six months. we've never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: can the president convince americans relief is ahead? >> i think people care much more about results, about the creation of jobs, about getting a handle with the deficit rather than they do about the next speech. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: to americans tomorrow night. this morning congress's budget arm comes out with what's expected to
the medicare. >> and then we have to pay 3, 4 billion extra. >> you said the president should rethink health care reform. >> absolutely. that's not health care reform. to go and to put that extra burden, billions of dollars on other states, especially on california. just because we're the best state in the world, the most diverse economy. and everyone wants to come to california is no reason to beat up on california. and to always ask for more money from california. i think it's time for the federal government to go and take care of us. >> is that how you think about health care reform, something that ultimately would beat up on california? >> yes, it is. right now, i cannot imagine why we would have like i said, for instance, our senators and congressional people how they would vote for something like that where they are representing nebraska and not us. and by the way, as i said in my state of the state, that's the biggest rip-off, i mean, that is against the law to buy a vote. >> talking about senator nelson. >> that's like buying a vote to say -- >> the government will pay. >> i'm voting
and brought a lot of your medicare care and so we'll look for your reporting on nightly news. dr. snyderman, thank you very much. >>> we want to switch gears and go back home and get a check of the weather. for that we'll say good morning to janice huff. >> gd morning, lester. we've got quite a crowd out here this morning. even though it's a bit on the chilly side and kinda cloudy, everybody is here. celebrating your 32nd wedding anniversary, congratulations. happy anniversary. happy birthday to sherlock holmes. i love are hat. >> thank you. there's been a big weekend celebration for sherlock holmes. the bakers street irregulars based in new york city have a big party every year and snchts and a good sunday morning everyone. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a large area of rain pushing northbound through the commonwealth of virginia, headed due north into the washington metropolitan area. all this rain has yet to come forth today. we'll get a little break late this afternoon and this evening when this slot of drier air comes in, but that doesn't mean we're completely done with the rain.
a policy point of view video what this ended up being was a $2.5 trillion bill, they cut medicare by half a trillion dollars, raised taxes by a half a trillion dollar, drive up insurance premiums for most americans, that's not preform. that didn't have much appeal to republican senators. >> so tick off the top three points of the republican plan for health care reform. >> first you do have to do it on a bipartisan basis. you put the cspan cameras in the room as the president said. you start with junk lawsuits against doctors and hospital, interstate competition among insurance companies, and many of my members would be looking -- willing to look at equalizing the tax code. right now if you're a corporation and you provide insurance, for your employees you get to deduct it on your corporate tax return. if you're an individual on the individual market, you don't. step by step to work on the cost problem. that's what republicans are willing to do. >> is universal coverage a priority? >> expanding coverage is a good idea. but even under this $2.5 trillion monstrosity they didn't end up coveri
on guard to make sure the card works. >> narrator: what's more, too young to qualify for medicare, the gannons say they can no longer afford their own health care coverage. >> god, if one of us gets sick, what do we do now? because we don't have anything. >> we're going to sit up now. >> narrator: patrick goes to physical, speech, and occupational therapy at a nearby hospital paid for by blue shield but the family says they can spend hours on the phone each day trying to get approval for additional sessions. his therapist says he needs them. >> they give you wrong numbers to call them back. they give you wrong fax numbers. >> it's no longer a denial. it's you just didn't get the therapies you asked for. which in one case was 24. we got 12. >> narrator: they take what they get and appeal the rest. >> patrick, can you lift your head up? >> i'm right here. >> all the way up. >> u >> he has deteriorated from a muscle structure point of view. one at a time. >> come on. >> yeah! >> narrator: at the end of the day, exhaustion. >> he's going to have to come off the bed. >> narrator: but l
versus a one size fits all plan with, you're going to cut half a trillion from medicare, affect tri-care and raise taxes. people are hurting right now and they thought we could do better. >> during the campaign, you were referred to as 41, the reference being that if you were elected, you would be the 41st republican in the senate and put an end to the democrats' supermajority, and you said you'd like to be the decisive vote to block health care reform. so, is that number one on your agenda when you get to washington? >> no. the first thing i'm going to do when i get to washington is go and meet everybody, both democrat and republican -- >> but once you get done with that. >> establish that -- well, once i get done with that, whatever bill comes up, i'll look at it and make my own decision, but if it is the health care bill, we already have 98% of our people insured here already in massachusetts, so, we do not need the plan that's being pushed upon us. we would have lesser care, longer lines and pay higher taxes and it makes no sense. >> you may not need it because you and the peopl
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)